The Inclusion Of An Endocrinologist Enhances Patient Care

Dec 08, 2023 at 01:00 pm by Matt

The inclusion of an endocrinologist enhances patient care at Central Florida Health. Central Florida Health Care is pleased to introduce its latest team member, Dr. Jessica Castellanos-Diaz-Diaz, a certified endocrinologist. Dr. Castellanos-Diaz is set to play a crucial role in improving patient care, particularly in the management of diabetes and thyroid conditions.

With great enthusiasm, Dr. Castellanos-Diaz embraces her new position, recognizing the urgent need for specialized care at Central Florida Health Care. This includes the establishment of a diabetes management center at the primary clinic, signifying a substantial advancement in patient care. The clinic serves a population with a high prevalence of diabetes, encompassing both type 1 and type 2 patients.

Endocrinologist Plays A Role In Improving Patient Care

One of the key contributors to the elevated diabetes rates in the area is food insecurity, which affects individuals who lack consistent access to fresh, nutritious foods. Dr. Castellanos-Diaz underscores the clinic's incorporation of diabetes technology, encompassing continuous glucose monitoring and the provision of insulin pumps for eligible patients. Certified diabetes educators on the clinic's team guide patients in embracing this technology.

The creation of a dedicated diabetes clinic at the Davenport location is the result of a collaborative endeavor, geared towards accommodating as many patients as possible. A tailored schedule for diabetes management, focusing on weekdays, ensures that this population receives the necessary care.

Through the utilization of telehealth technology, Central Florida Health Care extends its services to other clinics, enhancing access to care for patients facing transportation or mobility challenges. With 15 clinics spread across Central Florida, this approach enables clinicians to serve a broader patient base.

Extending Care To OB/GYN Department

Dr. Castellanos-Diaz also extends her care to the OB/GYN department, given the high prevalence of gestational diabetes in the region. Furthermore, the clinic prioritizes the health and well-being of pregnant patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Polk County boasts a diverse population, including a significant number of low-income individuals and families. Black and Hispanic populations within these communities face an elevated risk of diabetes, often linked to food insecurity. The commitment to ensuring regular access to nutritious foods remains an ongoing imperative.

An Essential Element

An essential element of the patient care process at Central Florida Health Care is the education of new diabetic patients. Dr. Castellanos-Diaz emphasizes the significance of making informed dietary choices, managing portion control, and engaging in physical activity. She stresses that physical activity need not entail costly gym memberships, as there are numerous ways for patients to incorporate exercise into their daily routines, even when dealing with health conditions that limit strenuous activities.

The inclusion of Dr. Jessica Castellanos-Diaz-Diaz, a highly skilled endocrinologist, represents a significant stride in enhancing patient care at Central Florida Health Care. This underscores the clinic's dedication to addressing the distinct healthcare needs of the community and promoting the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle choices.

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