Central Florida Health Care Launches Diabetes Center Of Excellence To Combat The Diabetes Epidemic In Polk County

Dec 16, 2023 at 01:00 pm by Matt

Central Florida Health Care launches the diabetes center of excellence to combat the diabetic epidemic in Polk County. In Polk County, where diabetes diagnoses affect more than 15 percent of the population, there exists a pressing need for high-quality healthcare customized for this prevalent condition. Central Florida Health Care has not only recognized this exigency but is also proactively taking measures to establish a Diabetes Center of Excellence, aimed at offering all-encompassing care and support.

With a network of fifteen facilities scattered across Polk County and Central Florida, including prominent locations in Lakeland and Winter Haven, Central Florida Health Care is in the process of extending its services to directly confront the mounting diabetes crisis in the region. Ann Claussen, the Chief Executive Officer of Central Florida Health Care, underscores the significance of launching a Diabetes Center of Excellence at their Lakeland and Winter Haven Health Centers, emphasizing its role in providing a multi-disciplinary healthcare approach, primarily concentrated on early intervention and preventive measures for the diabetic population.

Staggering Diabetes Results In Polk County

The year 2022 witnessed the U.S. Census Bureau recording a population of approximately 787,404 individuals in Polk County, with a staggering 121,260 individuals diagnosed with diabetes. Worryingly, data from Florida Health Charts in 2021 reveals an increase in the age-adjusted death rate due to diabetes, surging from 24.7 percent to 29.2 percent over the past five years.

The forthcoming Diabetes Center of Excellence will not only deliver multi-disciplinary services but will also facilitate telehealth consultations with Dr. Jessica Castellanos, an endocrinologist who became a part of the team in July. This endeavor underscores Central Florida Health Care's unwavering commitment to ensuring that individuals, especially those who are underserved and face obstacles in accessing healthcare and medications, receive the highest quality of care.

Set To Augment Specialized Care

Among their fifteen locations, ten are equipped with on-site pharmacies staffed by proficient pharmacists available to address patient inquiries. With cognizance of the increasing population in Polk County and Central Florida, Central Florida Health Care ensures that case managers are readily available to aid patients in identifying accessible resources. The scarcity of healthcare providers within their service region poses a substantial challenge, but the inclusion of Dr. Castellanos is set to augment specialized diabetes care.

The Diabetes Center of Excellence, spanning two locations in Lakeland and Winter Haven, is designed to offer comprehensive care, encompassing medical, dental, pharmacy, obstetrics-gynecology, and pediatric services. The development of these new facilities is part of a capital campaign, with supplementary funds being secured through grants. Ann Claussen is dedicated to elevating awareness about the pivotal role that Central Florida Health Care plays in the community and the quality healthcare services they provide.

Central Florida Health Care Caters To 70,000 In Polk County

In Polk County alone, Central Florida Health Care presently caters to approximately 70,000 patients, and this number is continually on the rise. The ongoing capital campaign assumes a critical role in ensuring the organization's sustainability and expansion. The vision of Central Florida Health Care is to be recognized as a premier destination for quality healthcare accessible to all, regardless of their financial capacity.

The creation of the Diabetes Center of Excellence by Central Florida Health Care represents a pivotal stride in addressing the diabetes predicament in Polk County. Not only does it underscore the importance of early intervention and preventive measures, but it also reiterates their steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare to the entire community, ensuring that no one is excluded from the fight against diabetes.

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