Cancer Incidence On The Rise Among Young Adults In Central Florida

Dec 22, 2023 at 01:00 pm by Matt

Cancer incidence on the rise among young adults in Central Florida. The increasing occurrence of cancer among young adults in Central Florida has become a growing concern for healthcare professionals in Orlando. Previously, cancer diagnoses before the age of 50 were infrequent, but recent data presents a different and worrisome picture, prompting physicians to raise the alarm. This concerning trend is primarily driven by factors such as adhering to a Western diet, leading a sedentary lifestyle, engaging in tobacco and alcohol consumption, and experiencing high levels of stress.

According to the annual report from the Florida Cancer Connect Collaborative, the year 2020 witnessed a significant upswing in the rate of new cancer diagnoses among individuals aged 20-39, reaching 91.9 cases per 100,000, as opposed to 79.4 cases per 100,000 in 2010. While specific data on cancer diagnoses by age within counties remains unavailable, nationwide studies have indicated a surge in early-onset cancer cases, particularly affecting millennials.

The Escalation In Cancer Rates

The escalation in cancer rates is a cause for concern, especially since many of these cancers can be preventable. Lifestyle factors, including dietary choices and behavior, as well as exposure to risk elements like tobacco and alcohol, play a substantial role in the increasing cancer rates among younger populations.

Dr. Mohamedtaki Tejani, serving as the medical director of the gastrointestinal oncology program at the AdventHealth Cancer Institute, highlights the concerning shift, pointing out that younger patients frequently present with more advanced stages of the disease due to their limited vigilance concerning cancer symptoms.

In response to this trend, the American Cancer Society has lowered the recommended age for colorectal cancer screening from 50 to 45, acknowledging the necessity of addressing the growing cancer risk among young adults.

Reduce Your Susceptibility

For individuals seeking to reduce their susceptibility to cancer, Dr. Amber Orman, a radiation oncologist and specialist in lifestyle medicine, suggests incorporating a diet rich in whole fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. A 2019 study revealed that diet stands as the foremost risk factor for early mortality, even surpassing smoking. Making dietary modifications, along with adopting a healthful lifestyle, can also diminish the likelihood of cancer recurrence.

It is crucial to confront systemic impediments to healthcare access, which disproportionately impact specific ethnic groups. Black, Hispanic, and American Indian populations face a heightened risk of cancer due to disparities in healthcare accessibility, socioeconomic status, and the prevalence of risk factors.

Addressing The Mounting Cancer

Addressing the mounting cancer crisis among young adults necessitates both individual adjustments in lifestyle and systemic changes. Raising awareness regarding early cancer detection and promoting healthier dietary choices and active living can contribute to a reduction in cancer rates, paving the way for a healthier future for the young population of Central Florida.

The increasing incidence of cancer among young adults in Central Florida requires immediate attention and lifestyle adjustments to mitigate the risk factors contributing to this distressing trend. Addressing dietary choices, lifestyle habits, and healthcare disparities can be instrumental in reducing cancer rates in this vulnerable demographic. Staying vigilant and not dismissing potential cancer symptoms is paramount, as early detection plays a crucial role in improving prognosis.

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