BayCare Health System Expands Its Reach With Acquisition Of Gessler Clinic

Nov 17, 2023 at 08:08 am by Matt

BayCare Health System is extending its influence through the acquisition of Gessler Clinic, a physician-owned healthcare facility in Winter Haven. This announcement on December 2 underscores BayCare's dedication to improving healthcare delivery in Winter Haven and Polk County, aligning with its mission to provide top-notch services to the community.

Winter Haven Hospital, already under the BayCare umbrella, collaborates with Gessler Clinic to deliver inclusive care to residents in Winter Haven and the broader Polk County area. The President of Winter Haven Hospital, Tom Garthwaite, stressed the significance of this transition, highlighting BayCare's longstanding commitment to Polk County.

BayCare Health System

BayCare Health System, which encompasses hospitals and various healthcare facilities in Central Florida, strategically incorporates Gessler Clinic, a healthcare institution with a service history of over six decades in the Winter Haven community. This integration aims to meet the increasing demand for healthcare in Polk County, addressing the evolving needs of the community.

Garthwaite reassured a smooth transition for patients during this acquisition. Gessler Clinic's main location, conveniently situated across the street from Winter Haven Hospital, facilitates coordinated care between providers practicing at both institutions. The BayCare System, which welcomed Winter Haven Hospital in 2013, continues its expansion of healthcare services, including acute care facilities, outpatient behavioral health services, a community blood center, and primary care practices.

The Acquisition

The acquisition not only reinforces BayCare's commitment to enhancing community health but also encourages collaboration among a diverse team of healthcare professionals. Garthwaite envisions this integration as a cornerstone for future physician growth and alignment, emphasizing the mutual benefits for both BayCare and the community.

Richard LaCalamito, D.O., a longstanding member of Gessler Clinic, emphasizes the transition's central focus on prioritizing community health. BayCare's recognition as one of the nation's top health systems for clinical and operational excellence underscores the credibility and commitment driving this strategic move.

Broadening The Network

As BayCare broadens its network, the acquisition encompasses the integration of most Gessler providers and team members into the BayCare family. The operational transition, effective December 2, signifies a significant stride towards a more interconnected and comprehensive healthcare landscape in Winter Haven and Polk County.

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