Orlando Health: Cardiologist Departure Sparks Patient Uncertainty And Ethical Discussions

Dec 08, 2023 at 07:39 am by Matt

When Orlando Health notified Andrew Gasparovic about his cardiologist's departure, he encountered an unforeseen challenge in discovering the doctor's new location. The exit of 27 cardiologists from Orlando Health left patients, Gasparovic included, in a state of ambiguity. Despite Orlando Health asserting adherence to industry norms, patients like Gasparovic found themselves grappling with inconsistent information and frustration.

Gasparovic, an 88-year-old patient, sought clarification from various Orlando Health staff regarding his doctor's departure, only to receive conflicting responses. Ultimately, he learned that his cardiologist had joined the Cardiovascular Center of Florida, a group formed by the departing cardiologists just down the street from Orlando Health.

Mass Departure Of Cardiologists At Orlando Health

This mass departure gave rise to legal actions, patient dissatisfaction, and moral discourse on the responsibilities of hospitals and physicians when doctors leave a healthcare system. The departing cardiologists contend that they surpassed industry standards by giving ample notice and sharing contact details with Orlando Health. However, Orlando Health sent letters to patients announcing their doctor's departure without revealing specifics about the new practice.

Dr. Jamal Hakim, Orlando Health's Chief Physician Officer, defended the hospital's position, asserting that it is not their duty to furnish patients with their former doctor's new information. He emphasized the ethical preference for patients to stay within a large health system, underscoring the convenience of accessing existing medical records.

Departing Cardiologists

Departing cardiologists argue that patients are better served by continuing with a doctor familiar with their medical history. Dr. Adam Waldman expressed concerns about patients enduring stress and confusion during the transition.

Amid a legal dispute between Orlando Health and the Cardiovascular Associates of America over the departed physicians, the ethical debate persists. Some argue that departing doctors should ensure their patients' well-being during the transition, while others highlight potential risks associated with private equity involvement in the healthcare sector.

Patient Dissatisfaction

Persistent patient dissatisfaction and confusion prompt inquiries into the transparency and ethical considerations surrounding physicians leaving large health systems like Orlando Health. As the healthcare landscape undergoes transformation, addressing these concerns becomes pivotal for upholding trust and ensuring patient welfare.

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