Vaxxinity Teams Up With University Of Central Florida For Advancements In Space Medicine Research

Feb 14, 2024 at 01:00 pm by Matt

Vaxxinity, Inc. is a pioneering U.S. biotechnology company, has announced a strategic partnership with the University of Central Florida to push forward in space medicine research. Funded by a grant from the State of Florida, the collaboration aims to accelerate the development of Vaxxinity's active immunotherapies, specifically addressing muscle and bone wasting challenges associated with extended space travel. These challenges share biological mechanisms linked to prevalent age-related diseases.

Lou Reese, Executive Chairman of Vaxxinity, stressed the significance of addressing fundamental issues in space travel for humanity's evolution into a spacefaring species. The collaboration with the State of Florida and UCF reflects a commitment to pioneering solutions not only in space travel but also in promoting healthy aging and ensuring humanity's potential as a multi-planetary species.

Space Medicine Research: Active Immunotherapies

The research will involve comprehensive studies assessing the impact of Vaxxinity's active immunotherapies on undisclosed proteins related to bone and muscle growth. These studies will include in vitro and in vivo experiments, utilizing animal models established by UCF.

Vaxxinity's innovative platform is designed to selectively activate the immune system, overcoming immune tolerance and fostering the production of antibodies against endogenous targets. The company will contribute materials, including candidates derived from its platform, to support collaborative research at UCF.

The Vice President Weighs In On Space Medicine Research

Dr. Deborah German, Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of UCF’s College of Medicine, highlighted UCF's commitment to space medicine research and its mission to bring back valuable insights to benefit both Earth's aging population and future space travelers.

Reese emphasized the translatability of the space-focused research, stating, "The research we are conducting to address space-based physical challenges is directly applicable to issues faced by humanity here on Earth. We believe that what we do for tomorrow will yield results for today."

About Vaxxinity

Vaxxinity, Inc. is a purpose-driven biotechnology company dedicated to democratizing healthcare globally. Pioneering a new class of medicines, the company focuses on disrupting the treatment paradigm for chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, migraine, and hypercholesterolemia. The proprietary technology platform aims to bring the efficiency of vaccines to the treatment of chronic diseases, with ongoing efforts also contributing to a COVID-19 vaccine program.

About UCF

The University of Central Florida is a public metropolitan research university in Orlando, committed to unleashing the potential of people and ideas to positively change the world. With world-class faculty and innovative research spanning various industries, UCF, founded in 1963 to support the U.S. space program, is shaping the future across multiple disciplines.

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