UCF's Accelerated Nursing Program Is Empowering Students And Addressing Healthcare Needs

Jun 26, 2023 at 03:15 pm by Alex

UCF's Accelerated Nursing Program Is Empowering Students And Addressing Healthcare Needs

UCF’s accelerated nursing program is empowering students and addressing healthcare needs. As Central Florida's population continues to rise, the demand for healthcare workers has reached new heights. To address this immediate need, UCF's College of Nursing has introduced an accelerated second-degree BSN program, changing the lives of its students and contributing to combating the impending nursing shortage.

Kris Hysler's journey into nursing began unexpectedly while caring for her father in 2019. The nurses at AdventHealth Orlando noticed her natural aptitude for caregiving and encouraged her to study a career in nursing. In spite of initially feeling cautious due to her age and hearing impairment, the 38-year-old musical theater major finally accepted the idea of switching careers.

Once enrolled in UCF's accelerated BSN program, Hysler has committed to making a difference in the lives of others while doing her part to help with the nursing shortage in Central Florida. The Florida Hospital Association predicts a shortage of over 59,000 nurses by 2035, making the need for skilled healthcare professionals vastly important.

UCF’s Accelerated Nursing Program

The Universities College of Nursing is taking proactive measures to meet this challenge with UCF’s accelerated nursing program. The school plans to build a state-of-the-art facility in Lake Nona, catered to support the growing number of nursing students and their learning needs. This facility will allow students to access low-tech, high-tech, augmented reality, and virtual reality tools, certifying their competence and readiness for the workforce.

Dean of the School of Nursing, Mary Lou Sole, highlights the importance of nursing education in preparing future leaders, educators, and advanced practice nurses. By increasing the number of graduates each year, UCF intends to supply the much-needed nursing workforce to serve Central Florida's serious healthcare needs.

UCF's partnership with various companies for the Lake Nona facility includes partnerships with AdventHealth and Orlando Health. These healthcare providers have promised $10 million towards the new facility, offering internships and scholarships to support hopeful nurses like Hysler.

UCF’s New Facility

The new facility sports a futuristic design, providing students with cutting-edge learning tools and technologies. Hysler herself uses advanced assistive devices, like a stethoscope connected to her phone, enhancing her ability to provide exceptional care.

As UCF's accelerated nursing program continues to flourish, it not only changes the lives of its students but also ensures the well-being of the community by fostering a talented and compassionate nursing workforce. With the help of dedicated partners and state-of-the-art facilities, UCF remains at the forefront of preparing future nurses to meet Central Florida's healthcare needs.