Podcast Available with Senator Bill Frist, MD, on COVID-19 with guest Dr. Tom Frieden, Former Director, CDC

Feb 27, 2020 at 01:02 pm by pj


Senator Bill Frist is no stranger to American health and healthcare. He is an accomplished heart and lung transplant surgeon, as well as a two-term former United States Senator representing Tennessee.

Now, he is using his influence to connect with healthcare leaders and innovators as founder of A Second Opinion, a podcast dedicated to healthcare business and policy innovation.

Former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden joins Senator Frist for an in-depth update on this soon-to-be pandemic and details how we can prepare for COVID-19 here at home.

Dr. Frieden shares with ASO listeners, “This is not stoppable. This is going to spread to many countries, for many months or even potentially years.” Download and listen now at Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTubeASecondOpinionPodcast.com, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

This is our third in a special series providing real-time, up to date information on the COVID19 epidemic. Check back soon for a fourth episode with the latest from the CDC.