Lake-Sumter Medical Society’s Executive Director Making the Rounds Delivering Masks

Jun 30, 2020 at 03:59 pm by pj

Delivery made to Rafael Cheas, MD


Carol Millwater Ryan, executive director at Lake-Sumter Medical Society, heard about the Florida Department of Health securing 16 million non-medical grade masks and put in a request for 200,000 of them on behalf of local physicians who needed them for their patients. To her surprise DOH granted her request in full.

She says she has found that supplies are still short, costs are jacked up and physicians are feeling the pinch.      

The real challenge has been personally delivering boxes of 2000 masks to each doctor in the two counties. She’s found it a tall order but one that’s been met with enthusiasm and gratitude.

After dropping off another 32,500 masks on June 30, one doctor, Kenneth Stark, MD, exclaimed, "you guys are saving lives!  I can't believe this!"

Another benefit has been learning of the extraordinary effort most doctors are making to help each other out. She has been able to help make connections to help doctors find other doctors willing to swap supplies to help meet each other’s needs.