Online Giving Platform SendThanksNow Launches “Summer of Thanks” Campaign

Jul 24, 2020 at 12:41 pm by pj Continues to Inspire Giving Back to Healthcare Workers


Created to inspire people to send gratitude and honor healthcare workers across the country, giving platform SendThanksNow ( is launching its Summer of Thanks campaign to further encourage consumers to send appreciation to essential workers virtually, and to create a newfound “thank you” hour across the country.


Coming off the heels of over 3,000 healthcare workers in the New York City area receiving over 1.2 million “Hearts” through the platform since May (every 100 Hearts = $1),’s goal through the Summer of Thanks campaign is for 50 million Hearts to be sent to healthcare workers across all 50 states.


“Over the last few months, our country has experienced hardship, loss and unfamiliarity due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Adi Segal, Co-Founder of “Through our platform, everyone has the ability to give back and honor those fighting on the frontlines, first hand. We want to lift spirits, build connections, and revitalize humanity, and we are hopeful we can bring communities together to give back, and reach our goal of sending 50 million Hearts to healthcare workers on the frontline this summer.” inspires and enables society to send their appreciation directly to healthcare workers in a simple and organized way. To send a virtual thank you gift, users can go to, and manually enter the name and email or cell phone number of any essential person they’d like to thank. Users are then prompted to choose how many Hearts they want to send as their gift. On the recipient’s end, they will receive an email or text alerting them that they’ve received their Hearts at 7PM that same day.


Hearts can be accrued within each healthcare worker’s Hearts wallet on their own personal page on that they can either cash out for themselves, or pay it forward to another healthcare worker on the platform.


Ultimately, the vision for is to thank those who are essential across communities and industries, thereby creating a global gratitude movement.


For more information on how to give, visit, and follow us at @SendThanksNow on Instagram, @SendThanksNow on Facebook, and @SendThanksNow on LinkedIn.


SendThanksNow was created to enable people to give directly to the frontline workers and institutions they care about most. Through its easy-to-use platform, users can search through a nationwide registry to find a healthcare worker, or they can manually enter the healthcare worker’s information in order to send them a virtual gift, to be received at 7PM the day it is sent. For more information on how you can send thanks, please visit