How to Have Happier Employees That Want to Stay with You

Nov 11, 2019 at 11:52 pm by pj


Are you like me, a small business owner trying to grow my business, always trying to evaluate ways to make business better and ensure clients are happy and continue to use our office?  The conclusion I always come back to is ‘do I have the right employees working for me and are they happy and motivated to do their best?’ And if I have the right support staff, will they stay with me once I train them and get them working the way I want my office to run?

Well, if you are concerned that your employees might leave you once you spend the time and resources to train and take those skills to your competitor, then you need to review your Employee Benefit’s Package and ensure that, besides a weekly paycheck and some vacation hours, you are offering other benefits that will be used and appreciated. But what can you offer to your Employee Team that will not cost you anything as you struggle to pay all the other bills that are coming in?  We all know you eventually want to set up a 401K retirement program or offer health insurance, but right now those are out of reach financially so go with the hottest Employee Benefits Program, which is Employee Group Supplemental Health Insurance! 

What are Supplemental Health Benefits?

Glad you asked.  Supplemental Health Insurance are plans that will reimburse the employee up to the limits specified by the plan.  So, for example, your employee is driving to see their friend and hits the back of a bus, is in a coma and not able to work for several weeks while recuperating in and out of the hospital.  What do you do as their employer?  Do you continue to pay their salary so they can pay their home bills and possibly give them money to help cover their deductible and co-pays on their Health Insurance Plan? And can you afford to do that or do you remember that your employee signed up for a Group Supplemental Health Accident Plan which will directly reimburse them for the bills that are starting to pile up, as well as money to pay their rent or house payment, utility bills, food and whatever else is the priority at the time.  Remember, health insurance is great but does not give money to the employee, so they will be struggling to stay afloat financially as their savings run out with no paycheck coming in. Worse they might try to come back before they are completely healed because they need the income. Can you allow that?

Remember, this business is your future, and you want the best for it and your number one resource, your employees, to be happy, healthy, and productive so they can take care of your patients and clients. 

Employee Supplemental Health Insurance offers all sorts of plans from accident, on or off the job, to covering critical illnesses like heart attacks, stroke, organ transplant, paralysis and cancer to Life Insurance, Disability and more.  Supplemental Health Insurance could be the difference that helps your employee financially staying afloat and getting the medical care they need.

This sounds too good to be true, you say, since you, as the business owner, does not have to contribute to the cost.  We will set up your Group Plan for you. The cost of the plans is deducted either pre-payroll or post payroll taxes depending on what is best for your office.  So, you can now say to your existing staff or when you hire your next employee that they will have access to a wide range of plans that they will use and appreciate because they are working for you!  Now you know about one of the best Employee Benefit Plans in the market, so what are you waiting for? 


Dale McMindes is the owner of McMindes Insurance Group of Orlando. The agency has been opened for 6 years and has over 30 years of combined industry experience.  In the first 5 years he achieved the Allstate National Conference and the Florida Region Honor Ring twice. For 2016, the agency ranked in Top 10 for Territory C Florida Region for Group Supplemental Health Insurance and Life Insurance Production. He can be reached at