DOH-Marion Partners with Active Marion Project to Offer "Maintain, Don't Gain" Holiday Challenge to Residents, Businesses

Nov 12, 2019 at 03:02 pm by pj

It’s that time of the year when the holidays are upon us. This means extra celebrations (and stress) that can make the struggle to stay healthy more difficult than usual.


“Fun, family, friends and get-togethers tend to also bring decadent foods, high calorie drinks, and stress, so it’s not uncommon for the average person to struggle with weight maintenance and health from November to January,” said Florida Department of Health in Marion County Health Educator Jessie Driggers. “Many Americans gain between one to five pounds during the holiday season.”


To help residents have a happy and healthy holiday season, the Department of Health in Marion County is partnering with Active Marion Project and North Carolina State University to offer the Maintain, Don’t Gain! Holiday Challenge. A free seven-week challenge, the program runs from Nov. 18 through Dec. 31 and provides participants with tips, tricks, and support to help maintain their weight throughout the holidays. 


Open to residents and businesses, the Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge sends weekly newsletters and challenges, daily tips, and healthy holiday recipes directly to participants’ emails. It also provides social media support. Employers can obtain worksite holiday challenge guides and marketing materials to encourage participation at their businesses. The challenge will focus on topics like holiday nutrition, stress management, sleep, and physical activity. 


To join the Maintain Don’t Gain’s Holiday Challenge, you need to complete the following steps.

1.    Take this survey:

2.    Register for the challenge at:

3.    Join Active Marion Project’s Facebook page to be eligible for prizes:


The challenge begins on Nov. 18. For more information on the challenge, visit or call 352-644-2624.